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Find a summary of Rhian's available novels on this page, and click the @Dear_Rhian button below to access all of her published work (available to read for free on Wattpad)

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The Boy Who Broke Mirrors (YA)

Available now for FREE on Wattpad

Mia Evian has to piece together the mystery of Zack Maddox, the bad boy whose life she saved, while simultaneously keeping her own crumbling life together before Zack ends up in trouble again - or worse yet, dead.

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A Pocket Full of Posies (Paranormal Trilogy)

Available now for FREE on Wattpad

Felix Reynolds, a university student with a sixth sense, has to uncover the truth about the past he has no memory of in order to unravel what really killed his family, and keep himself and his friends alive in the process.

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A Casual Entanglement (Adult Romcom)

Available now for FREE on Wattpad

Indie rock singer, Cleopatra Bennet, must settle a feud with her arrogant bandmate before she sabotages her music career and a shot at true love.