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The Man Who Lived Again (YA)

Available to read FREE on Wattpad

When she uncovers his plan to lead an entirely uneventful life, Mia Evian is determined to teach Preston Maddox how to stop living like a ghost, but Mia and Preston have history, tension, and a lot of complicated feelings.

Sequel to The Boy Who Broke Mirrors, but can be read as a standalone

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The Boy Who Broke Mirrors (YA)

Available to read on Wattpad

Mia Evian has to piece together the mystery of Zack Maddox, the bad boy whose life she saved, while simultaneously keeping her own crumbling life together before Zack ends up in trouble again - or worse yet, dead.


A Pocket Full of Posies (YA Paranormal Trilogy)

Available to read FREE on Wattpad

Felix Reynolds, a university student with a sixth sense, has to uncover the truth about the past he has no memory of in order to unravel what really killed his family, and keep himself and his friends alive in the process.

Method Acting (Romcom)

Currently unavailable

London estate agent and hobbyist baker, Rosie, must overcome her obsession with the anonymous author of a series of romantic London underground poetry before she ruins a shot at love with a stranger she's accidentally roped into fake dating.

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