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Editorial & Querying Services

For as long as I've been writing, I've been championing other writers through critiques and feedback, from polishing their manuscript to perfection for self-publishing or nailing their query package. It's for this reason that I decided to launch an official editorial & querying service!

Why me? Find a list of my qualifications below:

  • Agented author (currently on submission with my romcom, METHOD ACTING)

  • Publishing MA student at University College London

  • First-class degree in business management

  • Approximately 2 years experience at a multi-national consulting agency

  • Serial mistake-maker when writing and querying my own work in the past - in short, I've made all of the writerly faux pas and learned from these so that you don't have to

I'm open to most genres, but specialise in romance, women's fiction, YA, and contemporary fiction. The only genres that are a definite no are high fantasy, sci-fi, and special interest historical fiction. I've got nothing against those genres; I simply don't know enough about them to provide helpful feedback! 

Editorial - Developmental Edits Package

Do you feel confident about your grammar and spelling, but there's something about your plot or characters that doesn't feel quite right? You may be getting full requests but something isn't clicking for agents at the offer stage, or you may feel like you've edited as much as you can but no matter what, your manuscript still doesn't feel ready for self-publishing. This is where developmental edits come in!

  • A full manuscript read, followed by a detailed editorial report with constructive notes on e.g. your opening, ending, plot, character, dialogue, pacing, narrative voice, marketability

  • An optional 45 minute call to discuss the report and answer any questions (this is included in the rate)

    • Rate: £0.050 per word (e.g. the rate for an 80,000 word novel would be £400) 

Editorial - Copy & Line Edits Package

Your plot and characters are thriving, but you shudder at the mere mention of commas, colons, semi-colons, and em dashes, or maybe you simply don't have time to go through your manuscript line-by-line to free it of errors. If this sounds like you, a copy & line edit is exactly what you need!

  • A thorough edit of your full manuscript to free it of spelling and grammatical errors, narrative inconsistencies, and any awkward sentence structure

  • Two full proofreads of your edited manuscript once done

    • Rate: £0.055 per word (e.g. the rate for an 80,000 word novel would be £440)

Querying - Query Letter Package

Don't underestimate the power of the query letter; a weak one can stop even the strongest manuscript landing in an agent's yes or maybe pile. You've only got approximately 300 words to sell your story (and you!) so you need to make every word count with a clear, punchy, intriguing pitch. 

  • In-line feedback and suggestions tailored to your query and its specific needs

    • Rate: £15 for one feedback round, £20 for two rounds

Querying - Full Submission Package

As a writer myself, I can confidently say there's nothing I dread more than writing a synopsis. When combined with having to nail your manuscript's opening and perfecting your query letter, I'd honestly rather a 2-week vacay in hell. Strangely, though, I love editing other people's submission packages!

  • In-line feedback and suggestions tailored to your query letter and synopsis, and a short editorial report on your opening chapter (or first 10 pages if your opening chapter exceeds

    • Rate: £30 per package

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Want to work with me? Fill in the form below!

Once you've submitted your form, I'll get back to you as soon as I can (via email) to check we're a good match and set up a plan.

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